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Test of English for International Communication
Primary Uses of the TOEIC® Test
  • To make decisions about recruiting, promoting and deploying employees overseas
  • To determine readiness to participate in technical or professional training conducted in English
  • To measure progress in learning English
  • To determinate the effectiveness of English language training programs

    Who takes the TOEIC® test?
  • People who use English in work situations, such as businesses, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, conventions, international meetings and sports events
  • Managerial, sales, technical employees in international business, commerce and industry who require English for their work
  • Candidates for training conducted in English
  • Students who want to measure their improvement within a certain period of time
  • Students who want to apply for a job that requires a TOEIC® score

    TOEIC® Test Format
    The TOEIC® test is a two-hour multiple-choice test that consist of a 200 questions divided into two sections:

    * Section 1 : Listening Comprehension
    100 questions, 45 minutes
    Part I : Photographs (20 questions)
    Part II : Questions and Responses (30 questions)
    Part III : Short Conversations (30 questions)
    Part IV : Short Talks (20questions)
    * Section 2 : Reading
    100 questions, 75 minutes
    Part V : Incomplet sentences (40 questions)
    Part VI : Error Recognition (20 questions)
    Part VII : Reading Comprehension (40 questions)
    TOEIC® Test Contents
    Some topic of TOEIC® test questions:
    - Banking - Office Procedures
    - Marketing - Jobs
    - Negotiations - Housing
    - Investments - Travel
    - Business Planning - Entertainment
    - Corporate Development - Health
    - Manufacture - Technology
    - Shipping  

    TOEIC® Test Benefits
  • Gives an objective assessment of English language proficiency
  • Offers quantifiable standard of performance
  • Provides behavioral descriptions of typical candidate performance on work-related tasks
  • Provides a continuous scale that allows for monitoring of improvement and comparison of candidate performance
  • Highly reliable, so scores are accurate and consistent
  • Available on demand; there is no need to wait for a pre-determined testing session
  • TOEIC®
    28 November 2016

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